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We are living in competitive world today and the competition is getting steeper day by day as the information society is getting strengthened with increasing sources of information day by day making the availability of the information very easy .Consistent demands of multi skills and dynamic approach towards work is gaining importance and has become the need of a global environment. Hence in such a competitive environment when the students graduate themselves out of the secured school world towards the competitive and demanding college educational environment, they need to groom themselves to be able to emerge as the best.

Many students feel the urgency to decide TODAY what they will be doing for the rest of their lives. Creating a meaningful career plan is not quite that easy but not that difficult as well ,provided the student goes through proper career counselling. Having a profession is a journey that unfolds as the experience is gained by acquiring the right  skills and education. Where the journey  starts today may not be where it may end up twenty years from now. The children need to approach the Career Planning process from where they are in  life now, and ensure that there are no wrong decisions. Hence having a plan is important. Planning helps  make informed decisions with an understanding of what the children  need to do during each stage of your journey.

One of the campus initiatives of NAKS is conducting the career planning seminars / workshops for the students in the schools . The services provided to the schools are designed to help the children assess their strengths, explore options, connect with professionals in the field and have the necessary resources to make an informed decision on a major, educational or professional path.

For any guidance on careers please mail us your concerns at