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'I Play I Learn'awarded "Most Promising Pre-school Brand" in South India by Brands Academy Education Excellence Awards - 2015.


New Age Knowledge Solutions has been honoured with Quality Brand Award - 2011-12 for Excellence in Education...


THE SCHOLARS HUB has been awarded the “Debutant Franchisor of the Year Across” by the eminent Franchising India Holdings Limited (FIHL)...

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Early Childhood Care and Education


I Play I Learn : the gen-next Pre-school

In light of our firm belief that every child is a precious gift to the world and possesses uniquely distinct qualities and potential, our effort at ‘I Play I Learn’ has been to integrate learning by playing.

Every child has a unique learning approach which is defined by the wits they use in processing and learning the information around them. Helping a child ‘Learn’ and develop his/her potential by ‘Playing’ catalyses the development process, since children, by their natural instinct, love to be engaged in their favourite activity Playing.

Child educators and experts at New Age Knowledge Solutions Ltd. have scanned the prominent global opinions meticulously in their research to postulate a simple, realistic, age appropriate and balanced curriculum that would offer a rewarding childhood to the children at ‘'I Play I Learn'’ centres across the Nation.


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I Care : the symphony of child nurturing

I-Care is conceptualized based on the study of the years of research in child development and strongly believes on the fact that "Every Child is a unique individual in himself/herself and they develop at their own pace through exploration and discovery of their own environment and the people around them. Children are big explorers and inquisitive and have a natural curiosity to explore & learn and with little ability to think abstractly, to reason logically, create hypotheses about how things work and invent new ideas and behaviors to seek knowledge about themselves and the environment. They seek to pattern themselves watching the people and environment instinctively and create their own personalities and strengthen their character. The entire I-Care infrastructure and environment have been developed as a child friendly and conducive environment to impart children the required love, security, strong relationships for their holistic development.

The I-Care centres are designed to create an aura that exudes lots of warmth and can manage to create long lasting impression on the child's mind due to its carefully planned and well organized environment to maximize the opportunities for a child to explore and grow using all their senses and appropriate care have been in-built to establish the required links between the children and their families and the overall community, which contributes in facilitating the holistic development of a child.



Mother : Toddler Program

Mother - Toddler Program (MTP) is uniquely conceptualized to lay a strong foundation in the early lives of the toddlers. It aims to proudly partner the mothers for their toddler’s growth, development and achievements by developing love of lifetime learning and shaping their intrinsic skills. We focus on meeting each and every child's Physical, Cognitive, Language, Socio-Emotional & Creative needs through developmentally appropriate learning practices MTP caters to creating a bond between mothers and toddlers, where the mother professionally learn when, where and how the toddler needs his /her mother by getting involved in different activities along with their toddlers and hence ensuring the toddlers overall developments.


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